Friday, January 30, 2009

Craftcult Ad!

I just bought my very first internet ad ever, look at me looking all official!
Plus, I thought it would be intelligent to try to move some of this Valentines Day stuff before I end up with a half million heart trinkets!

I purchased the ad on, otherwise known as the Heart-o-Matic or Majaba to we Etsyians. A website started by an Etsy seller (and a glass artist!) to answer the needs of the etsy community to more easily track our shop data. Etsy didnt offer any stats for so long and when they finally did, it was wonky as hell so this site gets boatloads of traffic. Sure.. the traffic is from other Etsy sellers but I dont see that as a bad thing. I personally click on any appealing Majaba ad and Im pretty sure every Etsy seller is a bit of a buyer as well ;0

Im tracking my numbers and I will post my feeling about the experience at the end of the week, next Thursday. No matter, it feels awesome to have finally taken this step!

I designed the ad myself! Click it and look for it on the page. They rotate so you may have to refresh to see it.


RedBessBonney said...

I have a special award for you... check my blog for details!


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