Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Featured Artist: Analiese Designs

It seems like this woman can do it all....
Mother, elementary teacher, and an amazing jewelry designer!
Analiese Designs is a Connecticut based jeweler who I recently found

She makes all kinds of gorgeous beaded jewelry and rings, but what really caught my eye was her wide array of rad polymer clay jewelry.
What a medium! Her clay pendants are so great,they range from pretty hibiscus flowers
to the absolutely hysterical!

And then I found something i couldnt live without...
A Customizable Photo Pendant!

Whats great is that its intended to be your child and she will add a Swarovski crystal in their birthstone..Well, I dont have kids, but I do have two little boobies that needed to be bling!

I give you, Nikolai & Magdalena, in jewels..
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How freaking awesome is this??

This is the photo I sent her so you can see how accurate it is:
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Im already in love, she has a customer for life!

So check out her lovely shop! Have her make you a pendant of your kitties ;)

Analiese Designs Etsy Shop


bellacolle said...

Wow! that is really a neat pendant! Found your blog on the etsy blog thread...Thought I'd stop by and say

Combustion Glassworks said...

Hi Bella!

I have a blog list a million wide of just etsyians! So great to see all the behind the scenes action!

Im off to your shop!

Janice Collins said...

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