Monday, March 10, 2008

Day Five!

Good morning everyone! This was a really good weekend sales wise.. A few new buyers, lots of previous buyers and a lot of large item sales.

Todays numbers are:
188 Items Sold
174 Items for Sale
616 Hearts

10:00am: listed Target pendant @ $16
11:00am: re-listed Large Bails @ $8 (SOLD)
12:00pm: listed Bohemian Mini Cabs @ $6 (SOLD)
12:30pm: listed Election Season pendant @ $20
1:15pm: re-listed late Bloomer pendant @ $16
1:45pm: listed HeartButt pendant @ $16
2:30pm: listed Blotter pendant @ $20
3:30pm: re-listed Laboratory pendant @ $20
4:00pm: OFF
5:00pm: re-listed Suspended Heart pendant @ $18
6:00pm: listed Felony Mini Cabs @ $6
7:00pm: listed Tyson Earrings @ $18
7:30pm: listed Double One pendant @ $24
8:15pm: listed Brownie pendnat @ $20
8:45pm: Large bails @ $8.00
9:00pm: OFF
10:00pm: listed Epiphany pendant @ $18

Today I had a new buyer buy 7 lots of mini cabs and 2 of them were posted today.. there has to be something said for constant listing, in whatever form you choose..


Omg Lia said...

This seems to be working out ridiculously well for you! How are these results compared to your usual rate of sales?

Beadsme said...

Rock on CG!!

SEWphisticate said...

this has been a very interesting experiment to follow. thank you for your thorough documentation. i need to get more items prepared for listing, but i believe that i will borrow from your experience and imitate some of your successful techniques.

Combustion Glassworks said...

hey Lia..
this is killing them!

I used to have a sale a week if i was lucky, its been multiple a day since i started!

thanks Beads!

thats exactly what i was going for Sew!