Sunday, March 9, 2008

Day Four!

Yesterday was AWESOME! Bunch of sales because of my SNS. 4 New Buyers though 3 of them are on my street teams ;) And I already had one lovely 5 item sale this morning!

Here are my numbers for today:

179 Sales
173 Listings
609 Hearts
Blog Views: 2064

Real Time Updating:
10:00am: Listed Harlot pendant @ $20
11:00am: re-listed Harlequin earrings w/ new pics @ $18
12:00pm: listed Dali pendant @ $20
12:30pm: listed Yellow Diamonds @ $4
1:15pm: listed Geodesic pendant @ $24
1:45pm: re-listed Branch Out votive candle @ $20
2:30pm: listed Small Bails @ $7.50
3:30pm: listed Dottie pendnat @ $20
4:00pm: OFF
5:00pm: re-listed Concerto Plate @ $35
6:00pm: listed Candy Apple Earrings @ $20
7:00pm: listed Pink Cocoa Cabs @ 6
7:30pm: listed Felony Mini Cabs @ $6
8:15pm: listed Hawaiian Luau pendnat @ $18
8:45pm: listed Pioneer pendant @ $20
9:00pm: Turkey Burgers & The WIRE!!
10:00pm: listed Sedona pendant @ $20

Sales: 5 Cab Lots to one New buyer
4 Items to one Previous Buyer
4 Items to one Previous Buyer

Just a sneak peak before my halfway point synopsis: re-listing works..


kalicat said...

This is very interesting. I had been thinking of doing something along these lines for ages.
Maybe some of the new sales are also coming from people who heard about what you are doing (from fellow etsians, like me) and lie what you do.
So it may be difficult to know if teh new sales are due to teh new listings or to the hype surrounding the experiment.
Anyway, well done on your sales.

Callooh Callay said...

Great experiment! I tried this for a few days but then got my Etsy bill for last month and cut back. Another benefit I've noticed of relisting often is getting in more treasuries--which can also lead to sales.

Good luck.

June Shin said...

This is great to read about your progress. I want to do something like this, but don't yet have the time to put into it. Congrats on all your new sales! Question: what is SNS?


kalicat said...

SNS is Saturday NIght Sales.
You will find out more about it in the forums

tabitha said...

listing obviously does work for making sales. id be interested to see how well it works financially, your etsy bill is going to be scary!

Orion Designs said...

Wow - this is an impressive result from your experiment and it's only the 4th day! I'm staying tuned.

Peggradyart said...

Thank you for sharing your results with us. If this experiment proves profitable (and it looks like it will), Etsy is going to get a lot richer with all the relisting and subsequent sales!

tamdoll said...

Wow, this is great! Thanks for posting your progress. I was wondering if there's a time of day you notice is better.

Combustion Glassworks said...

My bill is a little high, not too bad.. But its not near as expensive as having all this stock just sitting around looking pretty ;)

Its going well, i will have some details to post for everyone at the end of week one!

Terri said...

Nice work! I'm a spreadsheet geek myself! So pat yourself on the back for looking at this and trying to discover a way to make the system work for you. And I see your time and $$ spent on listings/relistings as a worthwhile investment. If I'm doing the math correctly your listings costs for 15 days will only be $45 (15 listings per day for the length of the experiment). To me that's not bad for promotional costs of a business for 1/2 a month.

Keep it up smart girl!

Miles Away In France said...

This is going great, you seem to be getting sales from it.

Well done.
Racheal x