Friday, March 14, 2008

Day Nine!

Yeah, woke up to 200 sales today, woooooooT!

200 sales
207 for sale
641 Hearts

10:00am: Listed Gold Rush pendant @ $20
11:00am: re-listed Cherry walnut @ $20
12:00pm: listed Caramel pendnat @ $18
12:30pm: listed small bails @ $7.50
1:15pm: listed Choc Vanilla Plate @ $50
1:45pm: listed Lincoln @ $20
2:30pm: listed pop Music pendant @ $20
3:30pm: re-listed Screwdriver @ $20
4:00pm: OFF
5:00pm: re-listed Magic Eye pendant @ 18
6:00pm: Dessert Pendant @ $20
7:00pm: Solace Mini cabs @ $8.50
7:15pm: Read btwn the Lines @ $20
7:45pm: Loveletters pendnat @ $20
8:15pm: re-listed Haight Ashbury @ $20
8:45pm: Rockshow pendant @ $20
9:00pm: OFF
10:00pm: Fell asleep watching some crap ;)


katilady said...

I am fascinated by your experiment, and congrats!

ingeniouslycreative said...

I am watching in anticapation of seeing how you make out! Your items in your shop are gorgous and I'm glad that with this experiment you are getting the exposure your art deserves! All the best to you sweetie and thanks for being brave and doing this in front of the entire world!! We heart you for that!!!!
Warm Regards,
Carol...on the coast of the Irish Sea making art!!!

Jared in Kansas said...

Thanks for posting all of this information. I'm not sure I'm up for $3 a day in listing fees, but maybe... :)

Glad it's working for you.

oceankisses said...

CONGRATULATIONS! 200 SALES!! woo wooo! I can't imagine that. Continued good luck to you. I've been watching your progress and have been rooting for you! Patti