Saturday, March 15, 2008

Day Ten!

Woke up to 2oo sales yesterday and then made it 201 later in the evening, each of them having been listed in the last few days.

Im going to ave a sweet ass SNS tonite as well, so Im hoping for a fun night!

Todays numbers are:
214 For Sale
201 Sold
646 Hearts

10:00am: Listed Machina pendant @ $18
11:00am: re-listed ball chain @ $4
12:00pm: listed Coral Mini Cabs @ $4
12:30pm: listed Torpedo pendnat @ $20
1:15pm: listed Democratic pendant @ $20
1:45pm: re- listed itty bittys @ $10
2:30pm: listed pop @ $0
3:30pm: re-listed @ $
4:00pm: OFF


Tizzalicious said...

Thanks for this! I'm about to try a similar experiment, so it's good to read about someone elses results :)

elizabeth may said...

I found your blog via rifferaff blog and I love this experiment! Thanks for sharing all the details. I've been selling on etsy for a bit, but am thinking about how I can get more sales. I'm glad that your experiment is going so well!

Enyaeire's Creations said...

It sounds like a great idea :) Best of luck with it