Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Day Six!

Yesterday was crazy!
I had two sales yesterday of 8 items total, to 2 new buyers and 3 of the 8 things were all listed yesterday.. Interesting...

Todays numbers are:
196 Items Sold
179 Items for Sale
625 Hearts

10:00am: listed Conspiracy mini Cabs @ $6
11:00am: re-listed Paisley pendnat @ $20
12:00pm: listed Cherry Cola Cabs @ $6
12:30pm: listed Stairway plate @ $75
1:15pm: re-listed Tulip Candles @ $35
1:45pm: listed Tennis Anyone pendant @ $20
2:30pm: listed Bright blue Diamonds @ $5
3:30pm: re-listed Beijing Cabs @ $6
4:00pm: OFF

Harlequin earrings listed on 3/9 New buyer


Trin said...

Wow, looks like your hard work's really paying off!

Orion Designs said...

This is an amazing experiment. I might try my own version of this very soon!
Thanks for sharing,

June Shin said...

It's been great to watch your progress. Are you also noting around what time of day you seem to get the most sales? Just something I was wondering about. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

aweso said...

wow, i'm glad you're doing this! it seems to be 'working', and we can all learn from you as well.
thanks, and keep it up!!

Laura B said...

Thanks for sharing this with us all! I think I'm going to try it myself again. The last time it did it but only listing 5 times a day, so this time I'll be more structured. You mentioned on your Day one post about your SNS had worked, what is that?
Thanks Laura

SHI said...

I've been watching your progress since you've started, you're doing great! You'll have to let us know if there was a big profit once the fees have been tallied. Again, thanks for keeping us updated on your progress!