Saturday, March 8, 2008

Day Three!

Yesterday i had one sale from a custom request made by a fellow street team member.

I have made one change to allow myself a little more peak daylight photography time and I am re-listing for the second half of One O'clock. Also,I am having a SNS tonite and am on Page Two of the thread so Im hoping for a fun night!

Here are my numbers for today:

171 Sales
169 Listings
595 Hearts
Blog Views: 1945

Real Time Updating:
10:00am: Listed Tidal Wave pendant @ $20
11:00am: re-listed Ball Chain @ $5
12:00am: listed Natasha pendant @ $20
12:30pm: listed Leigh pendant @ $18
1:15pm: listed Lime Green Mini Cabs @ $4
1:45pm: re-listed SuzyHomemaker Pendant @ $16
2:30pm: listed EDC Copper Earrings @ $20
3:30pm: listed Striped Toddlers @ $10
4:00: OFF
5:00: re-listed Little Blue Pill pendant @ $20
6:00pm: Flowerpot Winestopper @ $25
7:00pm: Samba Mini Cabs @ $6.00
7:30pm: Rockshow Pendnat @ $20
8:15pm: Nightclub Pendant @ $24
8:45pm: 16in Ball Chain @ $4.00
9:00: OFF
10:00pm: listed Hard Eight pendant @ $24

Sale Update:
2 items to a fellow street teamer
2 items to one new buyer
1 item to a fellow street teamer


tabitha said...

checked your shop and u have made 7 sales since the beginning of day 3. wow, i think your experiment may be working. if only i had enough stock to do the same.

Leah said...

this is fun to read!

Combustion Glassworks said...

find away to make it Tabitha!

or at least re-list current stock because that seems to be working as well..

Combustion Glassworks said...

thank you Leah darling!

Miss Fruitfly said...

Thanks for doing this experiment. I love this idea.

greenfemale said...

hey! what is sns?