Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Accepted to Trunkt!

You may not be too familiar with, but it one of the most comprehensive sites for artisans to have their work viewed by global wholesale buyers of some pretty fancypants-ness.

It is a juried site that is pretty exclusive.. This was actually my second attempt at becoming a member! When you see the products they have available amassed by some of the most talented artist you will understand why! hey definitely have an degree of excellence and beauty you have to meet and I am beyond thrilled that I did!

Began in NYC out of the need for unique gifts that were easy to find in one place, they began hosting trunk shows featured gorgeous products and quickly found that buyers were lining up!

A showroom in Tribeca, tons of growth and was born as a way to reach everyone.. I am so HAPPY to be apart of this!

The artists they feature are amazing! A few of my favorites...
Shayla Maddox
FormFire Glasworks

You can see my profile here!

1 comment:

j-boo said...

This is so exciting and I am so happy for you!!

They are so lucky to have you & your beautiful work among the other talented artisans!

Winx, Jinxi