Sunday, March 16, 2008


My camera is freaking out! I think its a battery issue, or at least I hope it is!
Comes at such a great time!

I want to be at home watching basketball all day but instead I have to travel around my rural ass town to find an electronics store, grrrrrrr.

Hopefully it is just the battery, its not even a year old yet!

Looks like the experiment includes lots of re-listing today ;(

Todays Numbers are:
210 Sales
218 For Sale
653 Hearts

9 SNS sales yesterday, 5 of which were also posted since the beginning of the experiment!


Anonymous said...

Hi there! I've been following your experiment (I'm both Indiscretion and HauteIndiscretion on Etsy) and it seems to work! Just wondering, does all the relisting even out with the sales you make, or are you not that far along enough to know yet?

Keep up the good work!

DMProductionandSales said...

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Artworkbyimelda said...

Hope your camera situation worked out ! SO, what are your thoughts at the end of this experiment?
Can't wait to hear.

EmilyG said...

I am on the edge of my seat! I love your experiment and can barely wait to read your next report.

skiingweaver said...

You are inspiring me! I think I'm going to try a mini version of this experiment this week, since I actually have a backlog of items to list (for once! lol!).

is me said...

congrats combustion! glad to see things are swimming along! I saw your stats are way up since your last posting so you must be doing something right.

keep it up and thanks for the inspiration.

Rachael said...

I wish I could work fast enough to have so many items to list continuously. Well done you! Thank-you or sharing your experiment with us, it's very interesting and inspiring.