Monday, June 16, 2008


I have been asked in amazement forever why I don't make rings.
Actually, its really just whatever you don't have on the table that people seem to want! But it gives you great ideas for the to-do list!

I decided to give them a go to see how they sell so I bought 72 of them! So far, I have only sold one in a week on etsy but I think live they will kill because they have a really good price point.

If these work out well, I plan on getting some much nicer rings that will have a much higher price but they would be perfect for people with metal allergies and gift giving!

I give you but a wee sampling! Everything is clickable so go crazy!

Little girls go buck wild at my shows I imagine these are going to be quite a hit!
I hope you like!


Tresijas said...

I like, I like!!!!!

bluejeanjess said...

I love your rings, you have an eye for color! Whatt fun you must have opening your kiln...


AlliesAdornments said...

3 months between posts?!? Well, we know that you've been kicking some Etsy sales butt (& takin' names)!
Rock on little sister!

Shell Mitchell said...

So colorful, love 'em!

CurlyfrySC's Collage said...

I like the orange and white egg-shaped ring the best. Reminds me of Clemson. :)

Patricia said...

Keep up the good work.