Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sonoma Artisan Faire

So, its been a laughable amount of time since I have updated my sad lonely little blog.
Its been a winter full of craft shows for Combustion Glassworks, but we took on a bit larger an enterprise recently.

Developed out of frustration from not being accepted to a show that I had my heart set on, I thought "Why cant I do this?" So i did! It must have been all the 'yes we can' in the air, I was convinved I could pull this off in this beautiful little town full of art and artisans but little events for us to sell our lovelies.

Out of this came:

Please click the image to see the great artists!

This was a three month venture of insanity! I had experience as a promoter when I was younger but it was for punk rock shows in the deep south, not really the same thing!I was lucky right off the bat because I belong to a great team of California artists and crafters, CCCOE.I had a great pool of artists instantly and a ton of support from friends, you cant beat that!

Over the next few months I secured a total of 60 artists ranging from baby clothes to diamonds, awesome t-shirts to adorable plushies.. I tried to get a little bit of everything, not just people I wanted to buy from! Though I may have been a little guilty!

I advertised in all the local papers, bought 5000 awesome flyers and postered my town like I was running a Ron Paul campaign! The day of we even hired a guy to stand in the Plaza and pass out flyers to passerbys, Vegas style... minus the porn, of course ;0

The morning of was slightly bananas, had some situations to deal with, but for the most part everyone was totally awesome. Traffic was a small, but steady stream all day.. Everyones compliments were great. People told me all day that it was about time we had an event like this, and how great the caliber of artists was. Made me confident enough to know that this first time event definitely was worth hosting again.

I learned a lot, had a ball and got to meet a ton of my internet artist friends live! A hilarious group dinner and two days of wine drinking with pals afterward was just what I needed to decompress!

So, I hope I impressed my vendors enough to want to take part in the spring show!Thank to all of you guys, you rocked!


wzgirl said...

Good times. You rocked the show, TNT!

AlliesAdornments said...

This was a fun event & the people of Sonoma were super happy to have an art show in town. I'm definitely in for the spring show! What could be better than spring in wine country with bunches of cool people?

Jenniferiemj said...

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